TraXtar Duo

The TraXtar Duo is a two-wheel sliding door roller that significantly improves performance when applied to panels of up to 220kg. Part of the Anthony Innovations TraXtar series, the TraXtar Duo was designed to meet the specific needs of the window and door industry. It is available in a Stainless Steel bearing (1802) and a Chrome Steel bearing (1802-MS) – click here to learn more.


110kg weight capacity, making it ideal for panel weights of up to 220kg

Corrosion proof housing with anti-corrosive adjusting mechanism make it ideal for corrosive environments.

CNC machined wheels available in polymer or stainless steel for increased durability

Polymer wheels reduce track wear, ensuring the product retains its performance over time, making it an ideal option for aluminium tracks

Sealed precision bearing components for reliability and reduced risk of corrosion.

Single bogie carriage design ensures balanced load distribution guaranteeing smooth system operation.

Fits within standard systems for easy upgrades


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