Why Good Quality Stainless Steel Mesh Is So Important For Your Security Screen Door Or Windows?

As a home owner, installing a security window or door is pretty straight forward – you contact a security fabricator, they install the security door or window and your home is secure!

We all know stainless steel mesh is an important component of security windows and doors. But did you know slight differences in the techniques and procedures used by suppliers to manufacture this mesh, can equate to significant differences when it comes to the performance of the mesh?

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good quality stainless steel

Choosing the right windows and doors for your next project

There are several factors to weigh up when choosing the right windows and doors for your project. Windows and doors are major architectural components in the design of a building and need to be carefully selected.

Working with Darley Aluminium means that the research has already been done for you but let’s take a look at some of the things that need to be considered.

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choosing the right door and windows

A comprehensive guide to Darley Aluminium’s acoustic ratings

With an increase in population density and the development of high rise buildings, it has never been more important to take into consideration the acoustic properties of the window and door systems installed.

Click here to view a comprehensive guide to the Acoustic ratings of Darley Aluminium’s window and door systems.  For more information regarding the ratings, please contact the Sales and Technical Support departments in any of the following Darley branches:

SYDNEY HEAD OFFICE                                              BRISBANE
Tel: (02) 8887 2888                                                      Tel: (07) 3287 1888
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MELBOURNE                                                              PERTH
Tel: (03) 9238 3888                                                     Tel: (08) 9437 2999
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