What Darley Offers

Darley have been distributing aluminium extrusion products for more than 22 years.
Over the years we have grown and provide the following 4 core business activities:
Over 1,000 aluminium extrusion products to choose from
Window and door systems engineered and designed in Australia
4 large distribution centres throughout Australia
dedicated Customer Service team and expert Technical Support

Alucity Architectural Product Supply 

Architectural Product Supply is the licenced fabricator of Darley Aluminium window and doors system for residential and commercial applications. Based in Australia, Alucity in partnership with Darley Aluminum, works closely with the aluminium extrusion factory in China to manufacture finished windows and doors using their Australia designed and tested systems.

To be the best valued and most user friendly customer service dedicated aluminum solutions supplier in Australia. Through our values and principles, have happy connected and engaged staff delivering great service to our customers.


A large part of Darley’s core business has always been the distribution of aluminium extrusion products used to fabricate windows and doors. With over 1,000 Australia designed aluminium extrusion products to choose form and 4 nations-wide distribution centres, Darley can take are for all your aluminium needs.


Want to fabricate a large number of window and door systems but don’t have the time or resources?

Not a problem, Darley now provide KlassicView residential kits and HarbourView bi-fold kits, delivered to your door ready to fabricate. All you have to do is to click here to order online. Enter in a few details about the windows and doors you would like to order and the kits will be delivered to you in approximately 7-10 working days.

Mill Sales

Daley’s Mill sales division works closely with you to design and manufacture customised aluminum extrusions. The process normally starts with Darley’s Australian based CAD draftsman, working with you to design the product and then sending it over to the extruder in China to be the manufactured. All customised products are tested according to Australian Standards before they are distributed to any location in Australia, or held in any one of Darley’s 4 warehouse locations.

Another Reason Why to Choose Darley ?

Complete Solution

Whether its supplying aluminium extrusions for a window & door system or a simple geometric section, Darley Aluminium can provide the complete solution from placing the initial order to delivery and technical support.


With a dedicated customer service team, 4 national distribution centres and technical support, you can count on Darley Aluminium to get the right product to you on time.


Our Mill Sales division can supply custom made aluminiun extrusions but Darley can provide even more flexibility when it comes to product packaging and payment terms. Speak to one of our Account Managers to find out more.


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