Build larger & heavier doors of up to 300kg with the TraXtar Quad Window & Door Roller

The TraXtar Quad is a window and door roller that significantly reduces rolling resistance and operates smoothly, quietly and with ease. An Anthony Innovations product, it’s 150kg load capacity means you can build larger, heavier doors of up to 300kg!
It is available in a Stainless Steel bearing (1808) – click here to find out more.


37mm height enables you to use low profile extrusions which reduces sightlines

150kg load capacity, enables you to build larger, heavier doors of up to 300kg

Modular design means the TraXtar Quad is adaptable to most systems, making it easy to upgrade

Length of the roller spreads the load over a longer section of the track, which significantly reduces rolling resistance

The dual layer bogie design ensures distribution of weight to each wheel, adding to the product’s performance

Machined polymer tyres and stainless precision bearings give TraXtar Quad wheels superior durability & reliability

TraXtar Quad


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