Softtech provides premium software solutions for the window and door industry.

More than 10,000 window and door manufacturers, dealers and suppliers trust Soft Tech to provide fast and accurate design, estimation and manufacturing solutions.

Design – More designs, quickly and accurately

Creating window and door designs has never been easier and amendments are no longer complicated or difficult. Soft Tech V6 software allows you to create designs quickly and accurately, with little effort. This allows you to provide your customers with quotes, faster than before and increase your accuracy and productivity.

Estimate – Fast and accurate quotes you can trust

Send quotes to your customers faster, knowing the information is correct and based on real time data. If customer requirements change you can update and reconfigure these within Soft Tech V6 with ease. All your information is accessible in one system, so when you provide quotes for a product, you have confidence that the product can be manufactured accurately to specifications.

Cut once, deliver on time

Automate your manufacturing and connect your production line in a cost effective manner. Schedule your labour and equipment and seamlessly transfer complex data to your cutting machines. Enjoy increased accuracy, improved productivity and higher margins while using Soft Tech V6 software.



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