Tempe Tyres Penrith NSW Showroom Project

One of the largest wheel and tyre wholesalers in NSW, Tempe Tyres has retail outlets in Fairfield,  Tempe, Parramatta, and Penrith.

One of the largest wheel and tyre wholesalers in NSW, Tempe Tyres has retail outlets in Fairfield,  Tempe, Parramatta, and Penrith.

Situated on busy Mulgoa Road in Penrith, Tempe Tyres is seen by thousands of motorists every day.
So, when it was time to upgrade their expansive showroom, Tempe Tyres reached out to a specialist
window and door fabricator: Magic Glass to fabricate and install the windows & doors for their custom showroom.  

Tempe tyres were looking for a fabricator to design a visually impactful showroom, that elegantly displayed their wide range of tyres and wheels. They were also looking for a fabricator that had experience and expertise in installing large glass panels, using specialised cranes and machinery.
Magic Glass ticked all the boxes, having a great deal of experience installing heavy glass panels
in tricky locations.

They were also after a framing system that brought an abundance of natural light into the showroom and drew attention to wheels and tyres on display – the Darley 150mm front double-glazed commercial framing system, provided the perfect solution.

A popular choice for commercial buildings and showrooms, the 150mm front double-glazed commercial system was used for this project. Capable of accommodating a range of double-glazed glass thickness options, this 150mm framing system was chosen for its strength and high performance.

Bad weather is something Tempe tyres Penrith won’t have to worry about with the 150mm front double-glazed commercial framing system designed to accommodate large spans and harsh weather conditions. This 150mm commercial framing system is ideal for showrooms, retail and commercial spaces which require large spans of glass and glazing. This framing system was also designed with self-draining subsills, that prevent water built-up and can be internally or externally glazed depending on the desired appearance.

The 100mm front single glazed system was the second commercial framing system used for this showroom. This versatile commercial framing system comes with a self-draining transom and is compatible with Darley’s other window and door systems.

For the front entrance, two 45mm commercial doors were installed in a hinged configuration to accommodate the high number of visitors to the showroom. As illustrated by the project photos, the 45mm doors fit comfortably with the 100mm front single glazed framing system.

Both the commercial framing systems and 45mm commercial doors were powdercoated in Dulux   monument black, accentuating the showrooms’ modern, streamlined aesthetic.

In the end, Tempe tyres Penrith were pleased with the results and looks forward to their showroom lasting another 20 years.


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