ScreenGuard Fire Attenuation Testing

Fire attenuation is the reduction of radiant heat and spread of flames between buildings, in the unfortunate event of a fire.

To protect properties from this spread of fire and radiant heat, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requires fire attenuation screens to be installed in certain classes of buildings.
More specifically, the BCA requires fire attenuation screening be installed in any openings, that are within three metres of a fire source or within six metres of another building on the same property.

A fire attenuation test was recently performed on our ScreenGuard Security system. Warringtonfire conducted a radiant heat fire attenuation test in June 2021, this test was conducted in accordance with Appendix B7 of AS150.4:2014.  During testing the heat flux measured 1000mm away from the testing specimen and reached a temperature of over 400 degrees!

Our ScreenGuard security screens achieved a fire attenuation rating of up to 46% at 40kW/m2
incident energy for a period of 3 hours and 10 minutes.
ScreenGuard security screens are rated for fire attenuation and provide protection against the spread of fire via flames & radiant heat, between buildings.

For more information about the ScreenGuard fire attenuation rating or for a copy of the report, please contact our R & D department on (02) 8887 – 2888.

Please note: A registered fire certifier or fire engineer should be consulted with regards to installation of the ScreenGuard security system as a fire attenuation screen.


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