ScreenGuard Case Study

Builder: Build 52
Fabricator: Marzdeez Glass
Product: ScreenGuard Sliding Windows and Doors.

Located in Southport QLD, this high-end residential development has a perfect view of the river.

The Client wanted to install security screens that not only provide protection for the family but are also aesthetically pleasing. The ScreenGuard Stainless Steel Mesh System for windows and doors provided the perfect solution, with the ScreenGuard product range consisting of hinge, sliding, multi-fold doors and fixed panels. As well as, sliding, casement / awning and louvre windows.

Installation of the security products sounds straight forward but there was an additional request from the client that made the project a little more complicated. The client also wanted security screens installed on the all louvre windows. Rob and the team at Marzdeez Glass were appointed fabricators for the project and had to work how to install screen screens to the louvre windows. Lucky for Rob that ScreenGuard had an extrusion in the range that made this possible.

A built-out leg attachment was added to the screens attached to the louvre windows, that allowed enough room for the client to open and close the louvre windows without any problems.

And one of the greatest advantages of using these Screen Guard fixings is the fact that that they are concealed and are attached on the inside of the security screen, so there is no unsightly hardware sticking out and spoiling the view. There is also less chance of corrosion of these fixings over time with them being fixed on the inside on the window.

ScreenGuard security screens are made of 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh and high tensile extruded aluminium that provides both strength and quality. The anti-corrosion stainless steel wire mesh is coated with a specialised UV protection coating that provides a clear long-lasting finish. ScreenGuard’s patented security system, meets and exceeds Australian standard AS 5039-2003.
Recently the Screenguard system was tested in a NATA approved testing laboratory, using plastic corner stakes and passed all the tests that simulate a forced entry into a home including; dynamic impact test, anti-jemmy test, knife shear test and pull & probe testing. Proving that the ScreenGuard System provides the ultimate security for windows and doors.

Overall the security screens look amazing and the client was happy with the final result. Especially, with the installation of the security screens to the louvre windows, that not only look great but will provide security and protection for many years to come.

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