New Pinkenba Business Park, QLD

With a vast combination of the Darley product range both residential and commercial range, we were able to keep the commercial style and visual consistency, providing style, innovation and creative usability in a corporate environment.

The Project

Darley Products Used: CityView Apartment Door, 101.6 Centre Glaze Framing, KlassicView Windows, 45mm Commercial Doors
Fabricator: Ion Aluminium
Location:  15 Holt St, Eagle Farm QLD 4009

About The Product(s)

  • CityView Apartment Doors are an ideal choice for high-end commercial developments and any other projects where high performance is required.
  • KlassicView windows are an ideal choice if you looking for greater air flow, sunlight and ventilation in your home.
  • Darley 101.6mm x 50mm Centre double glazed framing systems offers a high level of structure performance.
  • Darley 45mm door are an ideal choice for modern architectural requirements. This system is ideal suited for shopping centres, showrooms and commercial buildings.

Installed Where?

19 office units at the Pinkenba Business Park on Holt Road, Eagle Vale QLD.

Fabricator Comments

A lot of people don’t realise that you can use the KlassicView residential systems in commercial projects, thus giving us the leading edge when it comes to style, features and usability.


Pinkenba Business park is located on the boundary of the Eagle Farm and Pinkenba Queensland. This new office/warehouse facility is located just 8kms from the CBD and has direct access to the Gateway Motorway and is in close proximity to the Brisbane airport.

Darley’s CityView and KlassicView range of window and door systems were installed in these 19 brand new office units. More specifically the CityView apartment door, 45mm commercial door and 101.6mm x 45mm centre single glaze commercial frames were installed. KlassicView windows were also installed in the office units – comprising of residential window and door systems, KlassicView can also be used in commercial applications.



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