Legion House, NSW

An integrated Fin Bracket system that does not compromise the weatherproofing integrity of the split mullions used on this building located in the heart of Sydney CBD.

The Project

Darley Products Used: 150mm SKYWALL, Using integrated fin bracket system.
Location: 167 Castlereagh Street Sydney, NSW

Installed Where?

Legion House, 167 Castlereagh Street Sydney, NSW

Fabricator Comments

Zero Carbon Life Cycle Building



Legion House was refurbished as a Carbon Neutral building, and is technically classified as an ‘Autonomous Zero Carbon Life Cycle Building’ under the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council definitions
The building is disconnected from the electricity grid and uses renewable energy to offset carbon emissions from its operations and embodied energy over the life cycle of the building
Receiving little sun or wind, Legion House receives its energy from a process called biomass gasification. The technology coverts plant sourced materials into a combustible gas that used to generate electricity. This is effectively a carbon zero energy source as the greenhouse gases released in the energy production equal that absorbed in creating the biomass
Legion House can utilise the commercial paper waste generated from the adjacent office tower through shredding and compressing this waste into the form of paper briquettes, which is then used in the gasification plant to produce usable Syngas
Air conditioning is provided throughout Legion House using chilled beam technology. The ventilation provided with the chilled beam system uses 100% fresh outside air to maintain a very high level of indoor environment quality for the occupants
Designed to be water balanced – this means that in a year of typical Sydney rainfall, all the amenity and operational water needs of the building will be met through rain captured on the roof. This is achieved through the use of advanced water conservation technology, high efficiency fixtures, vacuum toilets and the use of high quality rainwater recycling



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