KWIKfit soft closer

KWIKfit Soft Closer is the revolutionary product that brings a sliding screen door softly and slowly to a complete close. The unique patented design sits unseen within the frame of the door.

  • Fits to most standard sliding screen doors with minimal installation time
  • Utilises existing standard lockpunch tooling to create closing mechanism insertion point
  • Non-intrusive mounting, sits unseen within door extrusion
  • Non handed mounting suitable for left and right-handed configuration
  • Accommodates various head tracks
  • Protects other hardware by reducing regular shock impact
  • Greatly reduces noise when firmly closing the screen door
  • Prevents injury to hands
  • Latches screen door at approximately 80mm from closing jamb before bringing it to a complete close
  • Suitable for standard sliding screen doors weighing up to 25kg
  • Tested to 40000 cycles and 7 year warranty

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