The KWIKfit Soft Closer is the revolutionary product that brings a sliding screen door softly and slowly to a complete close.

The unique patented design sits unseen within the frame of the door.

Suitable for a standard sliding security door weighing up to 25kg, the KWIKfit soft closer works exclusively with Anthony Innovation’s KWIKfit Coastal Roller (2375) and KWIKfit Switch Coastal Roller (2377) to optimise the performance of your sliding door.


Fits to most standard sliding screen doors with minimal installation time

Utilises existing standard lockpunch tooling to create closing mechanism insertion point

Non-intrusive mounting, sits unseen within door extrusion

Non handed mounting suitable for left and right-handed configuration

Accommodates various head tracks

Soft close protects other hardware by reducing regular shock impact

Greatly reduces noise when firmly closing the screen door

Soft close to prevent injury to hands

To place an order or find out more, please contact your local Darley branch.



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