Culburra Beach Residential Home Project

The Project

Location: Culburra Beach NSW
Fabricator: Watts Glass
Darley systems used:  

  • CityView Architectural Cavity Sliding Door (6.1m wide & 2.5m high)
  • HarbourView top rolling multifold doors (4 panels 2.5m high)
  • CityView Louvre Windows
  • 100mm Centre Single Glazed commercial framing
  • CityView 50mm Awning Windows
  • 45mm CityView commercial door
Culburra Beach Residential Home Renovation of Aluminium Doors and Windows Project

With its idyllic poolside views, contemporary surroundings, and architecturally inspired furniture, you might mistake these project photos for photos from a popular holiday destination. You would be mistaken – these photos are of a stunning residential home located in Culburra Beach, NSW!

The result of meticulous planning and dedication, this newly constructed residence showcases a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Each element has been carefully selected by the homeowner—an experienced builder with over thirty years in the industry—to enhance the living experience. In his quest for unparalleled quality, he partnered with Watts Glass to choose a premium commercial range—the CityView window, door, and framing systems.

Perfectly positioned next to the picturesque lap pool, the CityView Architectural Sliding door installed in the entertainment area, is one of the largest ever fabricated with a height of 2.5m and width of 6.1metres. With a silver-grey anodised finish, this sliding door system was installed as a cavity door, seamlessly integrating the indoor and outdoor entertainment areas. A Brio 612 retractable flyscreen was installed with this sliding door as a barrier against insects and bugs.

Four CityView Architectural sliding doors were installed in the home, with Viridian ComfortPlus glass Neutral installed in the sliding door panels to enhance the home’s energy efficiency. This architectural sliding door system was perfect for this home because of its compatibility with the other CityView window and door systems and expansive width able to reach 6 metres.

The entryway itself is a statement of elegance and functionality. Not one, but two 45mm CityView commercial doors have been installed—one as a traditional hinge door and the other as a stylish pivot door, increasingly popular in contemporary architecture. The pivot door not only offers protection against inclement weather but also contributes to the home’s modern contemporary aesthetic.
CityView Louvre windows are strategically placed throughout the home—from the bathroom to the kitchen—providing a balanced infusion of natural light while maintaining privacy. These louvre windows are used in the home front entrance, providing an inviting and welcoming entrance area for visitors.

The HarbourView Top Rolling Multifold door system further enhances the home’s entertainment spaces. Comprising four 2.5-metre glass panels, this multi-fold door system operates smoothly, is supported by durable Brio hardware, and adds a touch of sophistication to the outdoor areas.
Finish in the same anodised silver grey, the CityView 100mm centre single commercial framing system was installed throughout the home to complement the sliding doors and multifold doors. With its slender profile and clean lines, this commercial framing system further enhances the home’s sleek modern aesthetic.

CityView’s 50mm heavy-duty awning windows are installed in all bedrooms and a custom-built gym. These awning windows were installed with Doric DN400 twin chain winders, which provide ultimate window control for large awning windows and deliver a solution for a growing trend of large awning openings.

The CityView commercial range has been tested to and exceeds the requirements of Australian Standard AS2047: Windows & External Glazed Doors, making them the top choice for both commercial and residential projects. CityView windows, doors, and commercial framing systems are versatile and can withstand the most challenging of weather conditions. This residential home in Culburra is a testament to its high quality, functionality, comfort, and architectural finesse.


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