CityView Window and Door systems rated for BAL40

Darley is pleased to advise that the following BAL40 tests were recently performed on the following CityView systems:
CityView Patio Sliding Door
CityView Sliding Window
CityView Architectural Door
CityView 35mm Awning Window
CityView 50mm HD Awning/Casement Window
100mm x 50mm Single Glazed Framing

BAL40 refers to the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) protection of your building from burning embers  ignited by the wind borne debris and exposure to a high level of radiant heat up to and including  40 kW/m2.

Warringtonfire conducted the BAL40 test in March 2022, in accordance with the requirements outlined in the current Australian Standard AS1530.8.1.2018.

Other systems have been tested to the superseded Australian Standard, while our CityView systems have been tested to the newer and more stringent 2018 standards.

To simulate more accurate fire conditions, Tasmanian Oak is used instead of the traditional pine cribs, resulting in higher burn temperatures – change the arrangement to emphasize the point of more accurate fire conditions.

The above mentioned CityView window and door systems exceeded testing requirements and were able to withstand temperatures of up to 40kw without compromising frame and glazing systems.

The CityView range of window and door systems are rated to BAL40 and provide protection from ember attacks, burning debris and exposure to flames.

To find out more about CityView systems go to or contact your local Darley branch.



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