Callala Beach Residential Home Project

The Project

Location: Callala Beach NSW
Fabricator: Watts Glass
Builder: Leedham Homes
Darley systems used:  

  • 100mm CityView Sliding Windows
  • CityView Architectural Sliding Doors
  • CityView Double Hing Windows
  • 100mm Front Double Glazed Commercial Framing
  • 76mm Centre Single Glazed Commercial Framing
Callala Beach Residential Home Renovation of Aluminium Doors and Windows Project

Located metres from the pristine shores of Callala Beach, this newly constructed holiday home epitomizes luxurious beachfront living. Constructed by Leeton Homes, this property features CityView aluminum windows and doors, fabricated & installed by Watts Glass which optimize the idyllic beach surroundings.
When approached by Leeton Homes, Simon & the team from Watts Glass had no hesitation in recommending the CityView range of commercial, architecturally designed windows and doors, which provided the perfect balance of functionality, durability, and aesthetics.

The CityView Architectural Sliding Door System was installed in key areas such as the kitchen, main bedroom, and upper living spaces. Finished in clear anodized aluminum, these doors perfectly frame the panoramic outdoor beach views and offer protection against the corrosive seaside environment and extreme weather conditions. Soundproofing and acoustic performance are another benefit of the CityView Architectural Sliding door. It may be hard to believe, but sometimes homeowners want to block out the sound of the beach. Lucky for these homeowners, they have the option to do so by simply closing their CityView sliding door. With an acoustic rating of Rw 37, this sliding door system provides soundproofing, not just from the waves but from damaging winds and heavy rainfall.

All CityView Architectural sliding doors are equipped with Allegion Verta series hardware. The stainless steel finish of the Verta door handles and locks complements the sliding doors’ clear anodize finish, adding to their sleek contemporary design. The Verta door handles also ensure the sliding doors’ smooth and easy operation.

A striking addition to this new home is the CityView 100mm front double glazed commercial framing in the main living area. Installed in an angular and triangular configuration, this framing not only protects against sunlight but also adds to the home’s modern architectural appeal by amplifying natural light and enhancing airflow.

Similarly, the CityView 76mm centre single-glazed commercial framing installed in the upstairs living area augments the sense of space, emphasizing natural light and cool breezes.

CityView sliding windows have been strategically placed throughout the home to complement the other CityView window and door systems. Perfect for maximizing beach views, these sliding windows have been added with fly screens to keep bugs and insects out during summer.

Complimenting the CityView 100mm front double glazed commercial farming in the bathroom are the CityView double hung windows. A popular choice for residential bathrooms, the CityView double hung window is the perfect choice for increased airflow and ventilation.

Beachside living is something we all aspire to, offering a serene and tranquil lifestyle.
However, it does pose challenges in the form of damaging and potentially life-threatening weather. Fortunately for these homeowners, they don’t need to worry about extreme weather when it comes to their CityView windows and doors. The CityView system has been tested to and exceeds AS2047: Windows & Externally Glazed Doors – click here to view the wind, water and serviceability ratings.

The homeowners of this stunning property can now look forward to a relaxing and peaceful life at their Callala Beach home, with the confidence that their property is secure and built to last. They can look forward to outdoor entertaining with their friends, with their home serving as the perfect backdrop for beachside celebrations.


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