Ashfield Polish Club

The Project

Fabricator: Style Windows & Doors
Location: Ashfield, NSW
Darley Systems Used:

  • 100m x 50mm Front Double Glazed Commercial Framing
  • 45mm Commercial Sliding Doors
  • Cityview Sliding Windows
  • Cityview Apartment Doors
  • 100mm Centre Glazed Framing
image presents Polish Club Renovation aluminium Windows and doors project

In the heart of Ashfield, a remarkable transformation has taken place, blending modern functionality with deep-rooted heritage at the Ashfield Polish Club. Following a substantial $72 million renovation, the Ashfield Polish Club reopened to the public in June 2023, showcasing a perfect balance between contemporary design and traditional values that were significantly enhanced by Darley’s CityView window, door, and framing systems.

The extensive renovation not only expanded the club’s footprint to 1800 square meters but also introduced 80 residential apartments atop the existing structure. The newly added features include a range of dining options such as restaurants, a café & deli, function rooms, pokies area and a newly upgraded reception area. This ambitious project was spearheaded by Deicorp, renowned for their recent upgrade of the Petersham RSL, ensuring a blend of modernity while respecting the club’s Polish heritage.

Tasked with the important role of fabricating all the windows and doors for this project, Style Windows & Doors opted for Darley’s Cityview window, door, and commercial framing systems. These systems were selected to address the need for a modern yet heritage-inspired look, adherence to the latest Australian standards, and functionality for the diverse new spaces within the club.
A standout feature in the renovation is Darley’s 100mm x 50mm front double glazed commercial framing system, installed in the club’s main dining and café areas. This system not only enhances the aesthetics with its sleek design but also offers practical benefits like panoramic views of the courtyard and abundant natural light. The CityView 45mm commercial hinged doors, installed in a French door configuration throughout the club, further complement this by providing the flexibility to create private spaces while maintaining an open, airy feel.

The entrance of the club features automatic sliding doors paired with CityView 45mm commercial doors, combining ease of access with security. This installation is pivotal in defining the club’s welcoming yet modern character. The use of high-grade commercial hardware like Briton door closers, Legge commercial locks, and Austral stainless steel Verta door handles throughout the club underscores a commitment to architectural quality and durability.
The management and the Polish community alike can rest assured knowing that all installed systems meet the rigorous Australian Standard AS2047: Windows & External Glazed Doors ensuring optimal performance and compliance with the latest Australian standards. This compliance is crucial for providing peace of mind regarding safety and sustainability of the installations.

The Ashfield Polish Club’s renovation is a prime example of how traditional values can be harmoniously integrated with modern design and functionality. CityView window, door & framing systems have played a pivotal role in this transformation, proving that with the right choices, heritage and contemporary aesthetics can coexist beautifully, creating a welcoming environment for all who visit.


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