Interesting facts about Aluminium

Aluminium is one of the most widely used, popular and sustainable materials in the world.
It is used in a variety of products, comes in all sorts of shapes and is even used to make beer kegs.

As the world moves towards increasing sustainability and finding better ways to recycle materials, its not hard to understand why aluminium is so popular. Let’s look at some interesting facts about aluminium.

100% Recyclable
We all know that you can recycle aluminium and recycling aluminium cans is not only popular but also profitable – in fact aluminium cans can be recycled indefinitely. This process is known as a closed loop cycle.

Another interesting fact – aluminium does not lose its strength or purity during the recycling process.
Since aluminium can be recycled and reused multiple times without losing its purity, beverage companies and car manufacturers see aluminium as a cost-effective option compared to other materials.

Aluminium recycling also reduces landfill and waste. No need to dig large landfill for dump sites,
since aluminium can go back to processing plant for recycling.

Only 5% energy required for recycling
Did you also know that reusing aluminium only requires 5% of the energy used to create the original aluminium product from raw ore. This is because there are practically no CO2 emissions in the process of aluminium recovery.

By using recycled aluminium to produce aluminium products, manufacturers are reducing their pollution and energy consumption.

Recycling aluminium foil
Everyone uses aluminium foil, for cooking storing, wrapping and even creating artwork.
And yes – you can recycle aluminium foil. It is recommended you shape the aluminium foil into a ball before placing it in your yellow recycle bin. This makes it easier for the processing plant, as it’s easier for the machinery to pick up a ball of aluminium foil compared to a thin sheet of aluminium foil.

Does not rust
Aluminium is resistant to rust. Rust is a result of oxidation caused by iron and oxygen and most aluminium does not contain iron. Aluminium does corrode but this corrosion creates a very hard layer that protects the aluminium from further corrosion.
Darley aluminium extrusions, using in residential and commercial applications are made using the highest quality aluminium.

For more information about any of our window and door systems, please contact your local Darley branch.

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