Cutting and Folding Aluminium Sheets

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Cutting and folding sheet aluminium for DIY projects

We all know how versatile aluminium is – it comes in all types of shapes and sizes and is used in all types of things including soft drink cans, windows and doors, car engines and a plain aluminium sheet.

Aluminium sheets are perfect for DIY projects or small home renovations. It’s not hard to understand why it’s frequently used – it’s lightweight, durable, strong, corrosion-resistant and odourless.

When used for these types of projects, the aluminium sheet sometimes needs to cut and folded. For DIY projects – you can use a sheet metal folder to fold a thin sheet of aluminium that typically has a thickness of 3mm or less.

When it comes to cutting aluminium sheet for DIY projects, tools such as heavy-duty scissors and alligators shears can be used to cut aluminium sheet with a thickness of 3mm or less.

Cutting and folding sheet Aluminium for commercial projects

Different story when you’re talking about large scale commercial projects. When it comes to commercial projects, where you need to cut or fold an aluminium sheet with a thickness of 1.6mm or more, shears and hand presses aren’t going to be strong enough.

A metal guillotine is the best option for cutting aluminium sheets with a thickness of more than 1.2mm, its hydraulic mechanism gives it the right amount of force to cut through thicker and larger quantities of aluminium sheet.

One of the key advantages of using a metal guillotine is the fact that it’s fast, cost-effective and ideal for high volume production. Darley’s Victorian branch has Brake Press and Guillotine machines onsite that can fold and cut aluminium sheets up to 3.6m in length.

The Brake Press machine can fold an aluminium sheet into different types of folds including: a top hat, angles and z shape flashings.

Guillotine Machine

Type of Sheet Flat aluminium sheet cut to size
Lengths Up to 3.6m sheets
Sheet Thickness 1.2mm to 6mm

Brake Press Machine

Lengths Up to 3.6m sheets
Sheet Thickness 1.2mm to 3mm*
Types of Folds -Top Hat
-Z Shape Flashings

To find out more contact the Darley Victorian branch on (03) 9238 – 3888 or or speak to your Account Manager.

*Subject to project type – please speak to your Account Manager or the Darley Victorian branch to find out more.

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