Duffy Street, Sorrento VIC

Stunning views from this modern residential home

About The Product

Located in the picturesque coastal town of Sorrento, VIC, this residential home has access to stunning view.

12.Ensuite patio window
11.Main Bed with patio windows
Living Pavilion doors and windows
screen window house

Installed Where?

Located in the picturesque coastal town of Sorrento, VIC, the work done on this stylish home renovation demonstrates how the CityView commercial window and door system can be installed in a residential home.


Flexibility to be able to implement commercial styled windows and doors into a residential home was such a breeze with Darley Aluminum Products.


Ordinarily used in commercial buildings, these CityView windows and doors create clean lines and sophisticated definition to this modern home design. This beautiful home has been renovated to add an abundance of natural light, expand existing floorspace by making it feel airy and spacious, while still retaining the atmosphere of a traditional, cozy family home. Giving the homeowners access to stunning views of their surroundings and maximizing indoor-outdoor living and entertainment areas. Overall resulting in a luxurious, modern home with the homeowners very pleased with the completed project.

To ensure our compliance with all statutory Australian standards and industry regulations, our CityView windows and door systems have been designed & engineered in Australia – meeting and exceed AS2047.

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