Important Update regarding COVID-19

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

As a business, we wanted to take this opportunity to provide an update to our valued customers on what Darley Aluminium is doing to limit the exposure and concerns regarding COVID-19 - but also seek your support and understanding during these challenging times.
This is truly an unprecedented scenario and every single one of us will be impacted in some way. Our hope is that all our staff, families and friends have the necessary support.
Current situation at Darley:
The business has introduced a number of operational initiatives to limit any potential infection.

  • Cleaning processes and controls increased
  • Signage across all operations outlining duty of care and communication, education programs in place to guide everyone
  • Business continuity plans have already been deployed
  • Darley Executive team meeting daily to access and update all our staff
 How we are keeping people safe:
  • People at risk identified, alternate work arrangements in place
  • Work from home guidelines in place and activated
  • Guidelines in place re mass meetings and travel
  • Daily National reporting in place
  • Personal hygiene and improved sterilisation of areas that our staff access
  • Meeting guidelines “rules” to be implemented
 Our Customers:
  • Access to our operations should be limited. We ask that you fax, email or phone in your orders to avoid unnecessary contact with our staff
  • Any face to face meetings should only occur if urgent. Otherwise Darley staff will use phone, facetime & skype technologies to avoid face to face meetings. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.
 Business continuity:
  • Customers should be aware that our business will continue to take a conservative approach. Our responsibility is to everyone we deal with, as more information comes to hand we will continue to fine tune our approach.
  • It’s important to know that there is no interruption to supply chain currently. We have plans in place locally and overseas to meet normal demand.
We appreciate this is a unique situation and understand the impact it will have on all of us. Equally, we acknowledge the responsibility we have on behalf of our staff and customers to keep as safe and healthy as we possibly can.

Thank you & Regards,
Nick Fazzolari
Chief Executive Officer
Darley Aluminium