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About Custom-Made Sections

An important part of our business is customised shapes which include but is not limited to building & construction, transportation, packaging and engineering products.


The Basic Procedure To Order Your Custom-Made Sections

  • Design process The die will be designed around the profile for the extrusion according to the intended use for the aluminium extrusion. Some design considerations, such as wall thickness, tolerances may need to be taken into account for your aluminium component. CAD drawings are prepared for you in house by Darley. Other assistance in the design process will be given to you by our technical support team.
  • Die Cutting Off-tool samples will be provided to you after drawings are approved.
  • Bulk Production The extrusion process has been likened to squeezing toothpaste out of a tube. But of course it is much more complicated than squeezing aluminium out of a tube with your fingers. A wide variety of shapes can be produced as per your request.
  • Distributions We offer standard lead time for products, but if needs are urgent, we are often able to provide deliveries on shorter lead times.
  • Value added processes -Powdercoating, anodising, light fabrication including drilling, cutting, deburring, punching, etc, thermal break, sand casting, special packaging, storage Services.

Typical Production Processes

Typical Production Processes

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